White Primer

Swiss Paints White Primer is a modified acrylic, water-based alkali resistant. It can be applied on interior and exterior cement plaster surface.

Product Benefit

Stain Guard

Provides excellent sealing property Provides whiteness and hiding property


  • Surfaces with alkalinity up-to pH 12.5
  • Fresh cement plaster
  • Manufactured and substrate
  • Surfaces with mild moisture content
  • Surfaces which exhibit Efflorescence
  • Interior and Exterior surfaces
Product Features


All in one coat prime & smooth surface Brush application
Number of coats 1 coats
New surface 100-110 sq. ft/ltr


Masonary Surfaces, Asbestos Surfaces, Brick Work


White 1 ltr, 4 ltr, 10 ltr, 20 ltr
Color Bank White only
Bases (Color Bank) NA


Recommended Thinner Potable Water
Recommended Surfaces Sand/Cement plaster surface, Asbestos, Brickwork
Pot life of Thinned Material 24 Hours after dilution
No. of coats required 1 coat (apply 1 extra if required)
Gloss/Sheen Matt, No Sheen
Method of Application Brush, Spray after suitable Dilution
Drying Time SD: 15 min HD: 4-6 hrs
Fire Hazard Class Non-flammable
Dilution Ratio For brush application 500 ml of water / kg of Emulsion.
Certification As per ISO :9001-2008
Safety Data Refer MSDS