Wall Coat Wall Putty

Swiss Wall coat Putty is a white cement based fine powder which provides an ideal base for concrete / cement plastered walls and ceilings. It gives you the most beautiful walls, is damp resistant and provides a smooth finish for further application of all kinds of paints. Its water repelling properties prevents flaking of your expensive paints.

Product Benefit

Excellent Filling Capacity:Fills up-to 6 mm in 1coat without cracking or shrinking.
Excellent Whiteness:Offers Excellent Whiteness as compared to Patra POP system.
Faster Drying:Offers 15-30% faster drying as compared to Patra POP system.
Smooth Finish:Offers smooth finish.

Product Features


Application by putty knives By trovel putty knife application
Number of coats 2 coats
New surface 9-10 sq. ft 7-8 sq. ft
Thickness 1.5-2 mm 2-2.5 mm


Sand/Cement plaster, Asbestos, Mivan Plaster, etc.


Non Color Bank 20 kg, 40 kg
Color White only


Recommended Thinner Potable Water
Painting Tools Putty knives
No. of coats required 2
Drying Time SD: 45-60 mindepend on weather condition. HD: 4-6 hrs preferably over-night.
Gloss level Absolute Matt Finish
Shelf Life 1 year from the date of manufacturing so long the package is sealed and kept at normal condition
Fire Hazard Class Non-flammable
Flash point 100% water base paint, hence NR.
Recommended Dilution For Brush – 500 ml of water per 1 ltr of emulsion
Dilution for Dark-Shade only 1 st coat 45%(v/w) depending on surface condition. 2 nd coat 50%(v/w) depending on surface condition.
Certification As per ISO :9001-2008
Safety Data Refer MSDS