Vintage Premium Emulsion

Swiss Paints Vintage Premium Emulsion provides a rich and matt finish to the wall due to its super-acrylic quality.

Product Benefit

Stain Guard

Vintage Premium Emulsion has been fortified with Stain Guard technology that guards your walls against most household stains and ensures easy cleanability.

Rich Matt Finish

Swiss Paints Vintage Premium Emulsion has a rich and smooth matt finish that oozes sophistication.

Product Features


All in one coat prime & smooth surface Brush application
Number of coats 2 coats
New surface 140-150 sq. ft/ltr


Primers Primers: For wall or plastered surface - Exterior White primer
Putty For wall or plastered surface – Swiss wall coat wall putty


White 1 ltr, 4 ltr, 10 ltr, 20 ltr
Color Bank 0.9 ltr, 3.8 ltr, 9 ltr, 18 ltr
Bases in (Color Bank) SBW-1, SBW-6, SBW-11, SBW-12, SBW-16, SBW-22
Offered Shade Range Over 2000 Shades


Recommended Thinner Potable Water
Recommended Surfaces Sand/Cement plaster surface, Asbestos, Brickwork, Concrete Block, Fiber Block
Pot life of Thinned Material Over-night
No. of coats required Apply 2 Coats of Vintage Premium Emulsion. For fresh painting it is advisable to give 3 coats for a rich finish.
Better Gloss level 10-25 at 85 0 GH on glass plate when released at 300 micron DFT applied
Method of Application Brush/Roller, Spray
Drying Time SD: 15-25 min depend on weather condition.HD: 3-4hrs
Fire Hazard Class Non-flammable
Flash point 100% water base paint,hence NR.
Dilution Ratio For Brush – 500 ml of water per 1 ltr of emulsion
Dilution for Dark-Shade only Maximum Dilution should be 10 to 15% depending on shades may be less compared to light shades.
Certification As per ISO :9001-2008
Safety Data Refer MSDS