Swiss Plus Enamel

Swiss Paints Swiss plus enamel provides a rich and matt finish to the wall due to its super-acrylic quality.

Product Benefit

Stain Guard

Provides excellent sealing property Provides whiteness and hiding property


  • Surfaces with alkalinity up-to pH 12.5
  • Fresh cement plaster
  • Manufactured and substrate
  • Surfaces with mild moisture content
  • Surfaces which exhibit Efflorescence
  • Interior and Exterior surfaces
Product Features


On non-porous prime & Smooth surface Brush application
Number of coats 2 coats
New surface 100-110 sq. ft/ltr


Surface Metal, Wall, Wood
Recommended Primer Swiss Solvent Based Primer


White 1 ltr, 4 ltr, 10 ltr, 20 ltr
Color Bank 0.9 ltr, 3.8 ltr, 9 ltr, 18 ltr
Offered Shade Range Over 2000 Shades


Recommended Thinner Thinner 800
Painting tool Required Brush, Felt Roller and Spray
Recommended Dilution 10-15% (v/v)
Shelf life 3 to 4 year from date of manufacturing so long the container is sealed and kept in normal temperature.
Sheen level NA
Gloss Level 80 +/- 5deg at 60 0 GH on tin plate when released
Flash Point Not below 37 0
Usabel time of Diluted Materialo Use within 24 hrs.
Brushing Viscosity 40” – 45” at 30 0 C
Roller Viscosity 60”– 65” at 30 0 C
Spraying viscosity 20”– 30” at 30 0 C
Safety Data Refer MSDS