Décor Acrylic Washable Distemper

Décor acrylic washable distemper is 100% water based acrylic co-polymer emulsion based distemper for interior walls only. It is best known for low cost, elegant, smooth, attractive, durable with matt finish. It is eco-friendly and contains no added lead, arsenic etc. Besides has low VOC content.

Product Benefit

Décor acrylic washable Distemper gives unmatched durability and a smooth finish that has no equal in the distemper category. It is a time-tested formulation with acrylic copolymer binder that gives it this unparalled performance. Its special formation ensures shade retention for a long time and its fast drying property facilitates quicker completion of painting jobs. It is available in a unique range of 450 bright, attractive shades that have excellent cleanliness.

Product Features


All in one coat prime & smooth surface Brush application
Number of coats 2 coats
New surface 55-60 sq. ft


Primers Primers: For wall or plastered surface - Exterior White primer
Putty For wall or plastered surface – Swiss wall coat wall putty


Non Color Bank 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg
Color Bank To be rationalised as all fendeck shades do not come from yellow shades.


Recommended Thinner Potable Water
Recommended Surfaces Sand/Cement plaster surface, Asbestos, Brickwork, Concrete Block, Fiber Block
No. of coats required Apply 2 coat of Décor acrylic Distemper for repainting Provided the colour is same.For fresh painting it is advisible to give it is advisible to give 3 coats.
Drying Time SD: 15-25 min depend on weather condition. HD: 4-6 hrs
Gloss level Matt Finish
Fire Hazard Class Non-flammable
Flash point 100% water base paint,hence NR.
Paint life of thinned material Over-night
Dilution Ratio For brush application 600 ml of water/kg of Distemper.
Certification As per ISO :9001-2008
Safety Data Refer MSDS